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Cultural Activities
  • Courtesy visited Prof. Didier Vivier in Brussels
    On September 07, 2018, courtesy visited Prof. Didier Vivier, the Perpetual Secretary of Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium (RASAB). Prof. Vivier and Prof. Lin discussed the topic “Civilisation Dialogue”, to indicated the collaborating direction of Global Chinese Arts and Culture Society (GCACS) and RASAB. The two parties could extensively gathering together with the excellent experts and scholars from both eastern and western regions, whom in the fields of art, philosophy, science, which weakens the gap between the east and the west, examines contemporary civilization from the perspective of aesthetics, science and philosophy, comparison of similarities and differences between eastern and western civilizations, and reintegrates and explores to form a new unified human mind.
  • Courtesy visit Dr.Tania Fernandez de Toledo

    On September 06, 2018, courtesy visit Dr.Tania Fernandez de Toledo, Chief of the Conference and Cultural Events Management Section at UNESCO, Paris.

    Prof. Lin and Dr. Toledo further discussed to collaborate the Penang Lin Xiang Xiong Gallery with UNESCO. Moreover, as an old friend, Dr. Toledo presented her new published collection to Prof. Lin with her signature.



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  • Tokyo University Emeritus Professor visiting Prof Lin's studio

    On Sep.2, 2017, Prof. Hisao Miyamoto, Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University, Prof. Makiko Sato, Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences at University of Toyama, alongside with Singaporean collector Mr. Lim Shao Bin visited Prof Lin’s studio, a delightful meeting sharing the thought of Culture and Arts.




  • Prof LIN delivered a speech in the platform of "World Humanities Conference"

    The first “World Humanities Conference – Challenges and Responsibility for a Planet in Transition” officially kick off at Liege Belgium.
    Prof. Lin Xiang Xiong delivered an opening speech.




  • Former Vice President of the World Bank Prof Justin Yifu Lin launched a report "The 'OBOR' and Free Trade Zone" in KL

    (Kuala Lumpur, 19/12/2016) ”Boya Forum” the First Forum of Peking University was hold in Malaysia. Prof Justin Yifu Lin, the former senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank launched a report — ” The ‘One Belt One Road’ and Free Trade Zone: China’s New Open Door Initiative and Measure”.

    The Guests of Honor, Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani, Second Minister of Finance Malaysia and Dr. Huang Huikang, Ambassador of P.R. China to Malaysia made speeches.

    As the main coordinator, our President of Global Chinese Arts and Culture Society made a speech to welcome all of the guests.






    Global Chinese Arts and Culture Society
    December 2016

  • The 2nd FEC will be hold together with Northwest University in 2017

    On Sept.20 2016, been to Northwest University, Xi’an Shannxi Province, China. Meeting with Dr. Wang Yajie, Party Secretary of NWU, Prof. Gao Ling Deputy President, as well as Dean of School of History Prof. Chen Feng, respectively, to discuss “the 2nd Forum of Eastern Cultures in the 21st Century (FEC) “hold together with Northwest University in 2017.





  • Prof Lin visit Beida donated a master piece "Torrential Rush of the Yellow River"

    On Sept.19 2016, visited International Academy for China Studies, Peking University, courtesy meet with Professor Yuan Xingpei, professor of Chinese literature at Peking University. Present and donate a piece of my painting namely ” Torrential Rush of the Yellow River“ to Da Ya Tang. Along with Prof Wu Zhipan,Vice-president of PKU, Prof. Peng Feng, Vice-dean of School of Arts, PKU and Dr. Wang Nengxian, former Vice-dean of Chinese National Academy of Arts.

    <Torrential Rush of the Yellow River>

    Human Being survives law and order, and the elements of nature;
    Dynasty’s ups and downs, prosperity and decline know no deadline.
    Grand and Mighty the Yellow River, the very Soul of our race, thus created;
    The sky is sprinkled with flowery rains, moving heaven and earth.
    (Poem Translated by Lim Heng Kow)





  • Pre-communication before the second forum in Brussels

    On July 2nd, 2015 Prof Lin Visited University Catholique de Louvain (UCL), had a meeting with Prof. Veronique Preat(Pro-Rector for International Affairs of UCL), Prof. Charls-Etienne Lagasse and Mr. Fabrice Forti regarding to the “FEC 2016″, the second forum of FEC (Forum of Eastern Cultures in the 21st Century) in Brussels, Belgium.

    P7020346Prof Lin showing his exhibition catalog to Prof. Veronique Preat.

    With Prof. Veronique Preat_Visiting Universite catholique de Louvain_P7020351Shooting in University Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

    Later Prof Lin has an another meeting with Helena KOVARIKOVA, Robert ADAM, two Directors of EUNIC(European Union National Institution for Culture) , to further discuss the  FEC 2016.

    P7020339Prof Lin explaining the meaning of FEC logo

    Meeting with Helena KOVARIKOVA,  Robert ADAM Directors of EUNICProf Lagasse is explaining the project

  • The Sixth International Symposium of the World Forum on Chinese Culture in the 21st Century ( 2010 in Singapore)


    The Sixth International Symposium of the World Forum on Chinese Culture in the 21st Century


    From Left(Prof. Lin Xiang Xiong、Prof. Wang Gungwu、Prof. Xu Jialu、Dr. Liu Thai-ker)

  • The Seventh International Symposium in Melbourne

    Melbourne1The Seventh International Symposium of the World Forum on Chinese Culture in the 21st Century


    Prof Xu Jialu and Prof. Lin Xiang Xiong


  • "Confucianism and Religion: Interaction and Dialogue" International Symposium (2013 in Singapore)

    rujia-zongjiao1“Confucianism and Religion: Interaction and Dialogue” International Symposium (Group shooting)

    rujia-zongjiao2Prof. Lin Xiang Xiong making a speech

    rujia-zongjiao3From Left(Prof. Tan Eng Chaw、Prof. Tu Wei Ming 、Prof. Wang Gung Wu and Prof. Lin Xiang Xiong )

  • GCACS and China Artist Association signed the “Memorandum of Cooperation regarding Beijing International Art Biennale (BIAB 2015)”

    BIAB2015Prof Lin was appointed as an International Curator by Chinese Artist Assocition (CAA)

  • April of 2014, the Society and Institute of Eastern Studies, Peking University signed an agreement, covering comprehensive cooperation to hold International Academic Forum in China and Overseas, and Cultural Forums etc, in conjunction with Programmes in Cultural exchange.


    Prof Lin with Prof Zhang Yu’an and Vice-precipal of PKU Prof. Wu Zhi Pan


  • In June 2014, launching a collaboration with School of Art, PKU




  • In Sep 2014, Zhu Shan Lu, Secretary of Party committee Peking University visited Prof Lin.


    Prof Lin Xiang Xiong with Prof. Zhu Shan Lu